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Chuck's Professional Story:

(Below is a high-level life narrative describing the companies I have worked for over the past 20 years. If you would prefer, you can go directly to my resume, or you can call or e-mail me by going to the contact page). 

I graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in December 1980 with a BS in Engineering Science and a minor in Nuclear Engineering.  Little did I know then, but I was about to embark on a 20-year journey in which I would move seven times, work for six companies, and live in the following wonderful places: Long Island, NY, San Francisco Bay area, New  York City / Northern NJ, Colorado Springs, CO, Seattle, WA, Dallas TX, and finally back home to Rutherford, NJ.

As you might expect from my education, I started in an engineering position upon graduation. I went to work for Impell Corporation, an engineering consulting company that focused on the nuclear power industry. The accident at Three Mile Island created a strong demand for specialized engineering services to address the issues identified by the ensuing accident investigation. I started in their northeast office on Long Island, New York and transferred to their California office in the San Francisco Bay area in 1982. I worked for this company for over five years until it was purchased by an international engineering firm.

In 1986 I embarked on my first entrepreneurial effort, a five person software company that developed efficiency software for electric power plants. In 1987 I became one of the first 20 people to join ViewStar Corporation, a company that was developing PC / LAN-based document management systems. I started in a technical development role and once the product was developed and launched I moved into different sales roles.

In 1989 I was offered a position in the Advanced Technology group of Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company, a top ten US bank headquartered in New  York City. My main responsibly covered business process re-engineering of the bank's back office departments and the selection and deployment of document management systems to support the re-engineered business processes.

In 1992 I was offered the opportunity to be a founding member of the Advanced Technology group at MCI, the #2 Long Distance company in the United States. MCI was in the process of moving all of their technology and software groups from Washington, DC to a new facility being built in Colorado Springs, CO. In addition to starting their ATG, I was also asked to build and run a development facility that would assist other telecommunications companies in developing new products and services that would run on MCI's network.

1995 turned out to be a very exciting year for us. Our son, Fred, was born the DAY AFTER I was offered a founding executive position in Nextlink Communications, a start-up telecommunications company (now know as XO Communications). In four short years, we successfully designed, built and launched local and long distance phone and data services in over 30 top US cities. XO, now in all the top 60 cities of the US, is considered one of the dominant Integrated Communications providers outside of the Regional Bell Operating companies. XO's revenues in 2001 & 2002 were over $1.2B.

As a result of the success of Nextlink (XO), in 2000 I was able to start my own consulting business, Chulinda Inc., and renovate a 19th century home and transform it into a 21st century "smart home." Pictures of the 15 month renovation project can be found in the Smart Home section of the website.

During my three years of consulting, I have had a chance to work on many interesting projects, including several Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 turnaround opportunities. Unfortunately, the economic downturn in telecom and technology doomed all of these opportunities.

A consulting project I started in April has turned into a full time engagement as the Chief Technology Officer of Orion telecommunications, the #2 provider of Prepaid Calling Cards. I am responsible for their IT organization and I've been given the opportunity to reengineer the business processes for the entire company and bring in new technology and develop new systems to improve operations and increase profitability (

If you would like to learn more about my skills and experiences, please click here for my resume or call or e-mail me by going to the contact page.


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