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Here are some other pictures taken from the street with views from the right.

frontright1.jpg (42649 bytes)

frontright2.jpg (28713 bytes)

frontright3.jpg (35195 bytes)

Before the purchase

Ripped off, from the right

Add a porch

frontright4.jpg (46718 bytes)

frontright5.jpg (29596 bytes)

frontright6.jpg (30565 bytes)

Now more windows


Getting close now

frontright7.jpg (41955 bytes)

frontright8.jpg (35572 bytes)

Is the mortgage book here?

Who's that in the front?

Final shot from the right 

It just needs the grass?


Nice Lawn !


(All pictures are thumbnail views, you may click them to view a full size image. Remember, if you see a picture you like, you can save it to your PC by clicking on the picture with your right mouse button and selecting "Save Picture As . . .)

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