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Some pictures from the street taken at the various stages of completion:

front1.jpg (51659 bytes) front2.jpg (27081 bytes) front3.jpg (43703 bytes)
Before the purchase Ripping it off Repairs before rebuild
front4.jpg (33219 bytes) front5.jpg (36187 bytes) front6.jpg (38370 bytes)
Moving right along It's starting to look like Will it ever be done
front7.jpg (38928 bytes)
All we have to do is pay Snow, you gotta love it A few plants and we're done.
Summer 2001    

(All pictures are thumbnail views, you may click them to view a full size image. Remember, if you see a picture you like, you can save it to your PC by clicking on the picture with your right mouse button and selecting "Save Picture As . . .)


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