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Smart Home write up and pictures (7 categories)

The Daniels Home
230 Springfield Ave.
Rutherford, NJ 07070

The Best of the Old, the Best of the New
20th Century Materials and Craftsmanship, 21st Century Smart Home

The Daniels' home was approximately first built sometime between 1860 and 1890. During the past 100 years it has served as a one family home, a boarding house, a machine shop during WWI, and for the past 60 years as a two-family home. The house had been converted back to a one family home, enlarged over 20% and 95% renovated.

The current owners purchased the house in September 1999. The entire inside of the house was gutted to the studs. Blueprints for a one-family home were completed and put out for bid in January 2000. Germer Construction was selected as the General Contractor in March and construction was started the first week of April. The final Certificate of Occupancy was issued on December 29, 2000. Over 100 people worked on the renovation of this house during the seven-month construction schedule.

The design goal for the home was to strive for a balance between the "Best of the Old and the Best of the New." Every effort was made to remain true to the architectural aspects of a 20th century Craftsman style home, while at the same time incorporating the efficiency and functionality of a 21st century "Smart Home."

The house sits on a 100 X 195 lot. It has six bedrooms, four full bathrooms, three half-baths, and an estimated 6,000+ sq./ft of living space. The detached 2-story, 3-car garage is approximately 1,200 sq./ft.

View the property plot plan

The entire house was made 9 feet wider, from basement to the 3rd floor. The entire 3rd floor was rebuilt with new wood from the floor to the roof, and 30 year shingles were used on the new roof. All outside sheathing was replaced with plywood and all seams were sealed with silicon. The highest "R" factor insulation was used throughout.

The garage is heated, and features a full height 2nd floor with a personal gym / office and powder room. It also has its own air conditioning, and wiring connections for 12 computers. On the garage level below, an attached utility room houses an emergency diesel generator capable of providing 60% of the home's and all of the garage's electrical requirements.

View pictures of the floor plans for the 1st and 2nd floors of the garage

The home and garage, with its extensive data networking capabilities and emergency diesel generator, is perfect for someone who wants to run a robust website based business from their home. By virtue of the almost 500 wires dedicated to supporting the audio, video, phone, security, video surveillance, data networking and home automation features, this home represents the state-of-the-art in "Smart Home" technology
Lastly, every eve in the roof has weatherproof electrical outlets for holiday lights that are all controlled by one switch in the 1st floor coat closet.

The rest of this website page has detailed information and pictures of the home. The links below covers the key features of the home. Below the links are pictures of the outside of the house during different phases of construction. The last set of pictures show many of the smart home features as well as the infamous "wire room."


Links describing the key features of the home:

The Best of the Old -- 20th Century Materials and Craftsmanship
1st Floor details and floor plan
2nd Floor details and floor plan
3rd Floor details and floor plan
Basement details and floor plan
The Best of the New - 21st Century "Smart Home"
Heat, Electric, Utilities, and Lot's of Concrete

1. Front [Street] Views

2. Front Left Views

3. Front Right Views

4. Rear [Backyard] Views

5. Rear Right Views

6. Rear Left Views

7. Audio, Video, Data, Home Automation, etc.
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