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Welcome to the website of Chuck & Linda Daniels

Where did the last two years go ? It was not until Linda and I started the process of updating our family website did we realize that it had been two years since the last major update.

The last two years have been a blur for Fred, Addy, Linda and I. So much has happened yet it seems that somehow we have just "fast-forwarded" to the end of 2004. We have encapsulated our last two years' activities in our annual Holiday Letter to our Friends and Family.

2004 marked our 4th full year back in New Jersey and our 5th year hosting Linda's Aunt Louise's huge traditional Italian Christmas Eve dinner at our home. The good news is that I have been saving two years of pictures of Fred & Addy's activities and other family adventures and you will find all the new pictures throughout the website. And for those of you who have troubling sleeping at night I have updated my professional section and resume for your reading pleasure:

One item worthy of Home Page mention was that Linda and I celebrated our 20th Wedding anniversary in June 2004. Linda and I have also hit another statistical milestone - we have each been with the other over half of our lives. And there is a saying that goes, "once you have made it halfway through the forest it doesn't make much sense to turn back."

The New York City economy has finally started to really recover from the tragedy of September 2001. We were very happy that many of you contacted us while visiting NYC on business and it was great catching up. Please give us a call if your 2005 travel plans call for a trip to NYC . Fred & Addy love to go to the city and we would love to try to meet with you during your visit.

We wish everyone a Happy and Healthy 2005 and success in everything that you attempt. You only need to remember www.chuckandlindadaniels.com to drop us a line at our Contact Us area. Enjoy the updated website and we look forward to hearing from you.



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